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Jun 28, 2013 6:30am PDT
will continue to grow. last year it was like a hundred new york city based companies that acquired $1.8 billion. it's just the beginning. if you think about san francisco and new york, the future couldn't be brighter because tech business is where the business is where people want to go. if intellectual capital is what your business requires, i don't think you can find two cities in the country that can provide that better than san francisco and new york. in new york we work very hard to bring universities like the university you have here just south of here that is so known for creating the world that we live in today. we are trying to bring that to new york and we have the cornell university, one of the great ivy league schools opening a graduate campus. it's not for undergraduates, right in new york city and they are bringing technology and cornell and it interest. it's really a powerhouse that will create jobs that we are already getting and columbia is also expanding there. engineering school is doubling the size of it and nyu is collaborating with overseas universities and we are attracti
Jun 25, 2013 3:30pm PDT
to do that. i also want to thank ron conway, the head of our sf city for being such a great partner because in that partnership what we do what new york has been doing and working in a public private setting and creating opportunities not only for great companies to be here and joining and link them up to what government is concerned about to improve lives and this is what sf has to do with also with new york. i want to give a shot out to the squares. [ applause ] i had the experience of walking through a procurement and what it would be like for thousands of businesses and medium in all businesses. you are a great talent to have here in san francisco. i want to thank you for allowing us to share this and hopefully in the new market, i know jack and i have talked about for many months ever since the twitter marketing and what that was all about and joining the companies that help me to create jobs and also create the future of this great city. you can also be able to help me do a lot of cleaning up in the south market and tenderloin. that's the great spirit of having the employees h
Jun 24, 2013 11:30pm PDT
of this great city. you can also be able to help me do a lot of cleaning up in the south market and tenderloin. that's the great spirit of having the employees here in downtown and part of a great exciting evolving city of san francisco. today we are here to make a very strategic announcement. an announcement that not only benefits our two great cities but suggest that we can contribute to the whole cultural movement of this country by having a digital summit, if you will, that we saw last october that mayor bloomberg brought many of us to new york to participate in the first technology summit. bloomberg's philanthropy sponsored and we learned a lot and saw some very good examples that we thought it would be wonderful for our two cities, bloomberg philanthropy and what us both as mayor's do which is bring our experience to each other and offer an opportunity for other mayor's to join us in a great summit. in september 30th, of this year, we'll be in new york to kickoff the first two planned summit meetings. inviting other cities to participate and develop an agenda and talk about and not only
Jun 26, 2013 12:30am PDT
good examples that we thought it would be wonderful for our two cities, bloomberg philanthropy and what us both as mayor's do which is bring our experience to each other and offer an opportunity for other mayor's to join us in a great summit. in september 30th, of this year, we'll be in new york to kickoff the first two planned summit meetings. inviting other cities to participate and develop an agenda and talk about and not only what the city and businesses can do with us but also increasing technology and where we find the comfort in areas that are corner stone for economic in the country. i'm talking about education, infrastructure, arts and culture. how does the technology help us continue so we don't see this as the bubble that some people continue to expect it, but to see it as the foundation for economic recovery and expansion all across the country. i will be very interested in the topics, not only covering those parts of the format but also areas of immigration, public safety, thing s that i know technology employees want to have housing to make it more affordable for all of yo
Jun 27, 2013 3:00pm PDT
city government and the people that we serve. we've met in every district of the city. we've worked with our elected city family. we listened to hundreds of community leaders and providers who help us deliver services to the people of san francisco. and it's because of this consensus approach that i'm proud to propose a responsible and balanced two-year budget that reflects the core values that we share in san francisco, values of fiscal responsibility, social responsibility, and investing in our city's future. when we began this year's budget, we began like many years before, trying to reduce significant budget deficits. but because we have pursued policies to control costs, grow our economy, create jobs and stabilize our fiscal health, this year i'm proposing a budget that protects our social safety net, one that increases public safety, and one that invests in our city's infrastructure at unprecedented levels. and it is a budget that significantly grows our city's reserves. this budget is being delivered as san francisco's economy is recovering, going, and moving in the right dir
Jun 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
by the mayor and make the controller the city director of the retirement system and this is for the health care trust fund board >> and supervisor farrell is here today to speak on this item. item number one i'll have him go ahead and precede >> colleagues i'm here to discuss a chart amendment to solve for our cities unintended health care liability. i want to thank my colleagues as well as supervisor david chiu and scott wiener. as was highlighted sfro san francisco had a significant number of long term pension issues and it continues to cause a drain or on our general fund as the proceeds slipped during the recession. we passed prop c to address this issue. we have our long-term health care costs. in on a 4 the government mandated this as . those are former employees that have contributed significantly to our city. and also, because it will provide long-term financial stability the pay costs are going to double to approximately $330 million in 10 years and up in 20 years. this is out of our general fund toward health care costs. if we're going to continue to to run our city in a responsible
Jun 22, 2013 4:00pm PDT
in economic equity in the city. this is a program where we meet the small organizations and struggling artists. i'm sure you all understand the raising and a excuse me. and i actually had a question i wanted some clarity. based on the budget s it appears for fiscal year 2014 and fourteen there's an increase for culture equity grants and the mayors budget in my understanding of the arts budget this budget this is being proposed in the mayors budget is not necessarily detailed so i'm trying to get an understanding of the allocation for fiscal years 13 and fourteen. but i'm a little bit confused about the numbers >> are you interested in knowing the sub grant categories by the project grants. >> i am front yard in the current fiscal years grants. the increase is 1 hundred and 90 thousand to understand that part because i don't see the numbers to be clear in the mayors budget >> in terms of grants out the door. >> no, i need the total for the current fiscal year. >> i would have to get back to you. the current is 1 million >> okay. that's the number in the budget. >> that's for - it says
Jun 27, 2013 4:00pm PDT
the tougher issues facing the city. welcome, supervisor. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> let's start by talking a little about your background, where you grew up, went to school and what of jobs you've had in the past. >> i grew up in the heart of the western addition, i grew up in public housing. my grandmother raised me and my brothers and i went to public schools here in the city. ended up at u.c. davis and graduated and immediately returned back to the community and started working for the mayor's office of neighborhood services and worked on treasure island and eventually became the executive director of the african-american art and culture complex located in the western addition community, a place that i participated in programs in the arts as a kid. and, so, it was really an honor to be able to work directly in the community to impact so many lives. and i really thoroughly enjoy that experience. >> you lived most of your life in san francisco. why did you choose to live in the city? >> i chose because it's my home. it's just a place i love the mos
Jun 27, 2013 7:30am PDT
could all give them a big round of applause so my name is shady and i work with themary's city ever services here in city call hall and i want to welcome great a i think this thure we programmed over ten institutions in the city of san francisco including the air film festival the arab culture and committee center but also with the tamp pais public library to have two events showcasing the rich arab america culture that exists here in the city of san francisco and i want to thank you all for coming and i want to introduce joaquin for resident who ska great member of our community and has helped organize this event. (applause). . thank you very much and good evening everyone on behalf of mayorly who will be joining us in a few moments i want to say thanks to all of you for being here tonight it's always a pleasure for you go to welcome the community into city hall - because you remind us our purpose in government so to serve and you you certainly bring life and culture and community into our very state halls and bring life to us, so thank you again. i want to thank the nominating com
Jun 29, 2013 11:30am PDT
. . >> the city is charged with coming up with digital inclusion. the department of telecommunications put together a 15 member san francisco tech connect task force. we want the digital inclusion program to make sure we address the needs of underserved vulnerable communities, not communities that are already very tech savvy. we are here to provide a, b and c to the seniors. a stands for access. b stands for basic skills and c stands for content. and unless we have all three, the monolingual chinese seniors are never going to be able to use the computer or the internet. >> a lot of the barrier is knowledge. people don't know that these computers are available to them, plus they don't know what is useful. >> there are so many businesses in the bay area that are constantly retiring their computer equipment that's perfectly good for home use. computers and internet access are helping everybody in the community and people who don't have it can come to us to help with that. one of the biggest problems we see isn't whether people can get computers through programs like ours, but whether they can
Jun 25, 2013 11:30pm PDT
. and from dpw, our city engineers. next, we are honored to have a city representative who has given us a great deal of support to this project and many improvement projects that the city enjoys. he's also someone who values partnerships and works to seek out ideas from san francisco residents, business owners and entrepreneurs and community leaders. he's the president of our board of supervisors and supervisor for this district 3. please welcome supervisor david chiu. >> the sun is shining on jefferson street. everyone excited to be here? let me say, we proved them wrong today. i came to san francisco as a tourist. i want to thank all of you who are part of this incredible community. mayor lee and i talk about how important it is for folks to come together. this is a project that for years has involved a lot of community conversations and some community debate but i really need to tip my hat to all of you from the fisherman's wharf, thank you and congratulations. [ applause ] >> of course, we have to thank all of our partners from city departments. i want to take a moment to single ou
Jun 28, 2013 6:00am PDT
for a number of years. when you realize that many of the buses that we have are over 13 years old in the city and you realize on how not only how run down they are but we keep replacing the parts over again. we have learned the lessons of fuel economy, of ergonomics and designs and free coating on there and material that won't absorb the moisture that sometimes is spilled on there. these are going to be great vehicles, not only for the drivers to drive through our cities safely and for customers for residents who need a more modern fleet of vehicles to serve them as we attract more customers. this is where the economy has picked up and certainly the financial situation from munis is improving as they make more investments. these are the proper investments to do. they are cleaner and hydro electric. we are using the money responsibly matched up with local monies. these are great investment. this is just the beginning. these bids take a long time, the manufactures take a long time in delivering these buses. but we'll see in the near future, the replacement of some 60 trolley cars that will brin
Jun 25, 2013 11:30am PDT
for the city and going into management. and you know, those were some of the practical benefits that you ultimately see and for some of you who already have a job, you are already beginning to see those, but in addition to the practical, there is also universal ones and some easy ones like listen to others and make sure that you hear all sides, you know what? because you may not have the best idea. and also, you can accomplish a lot more if you don't care who gets the credit. and stay focused, finish what you start and if you make a mistake or a bad decision, admit it and take care tf and move on. seize the opportunities because whatever plan you might have there are other things that come up and you want to be sure that you take care of all of them and you enjoy and also people want to see leaders. they want to see leaders out there. if you see a void fill it. >> and then always lead by example and do the right thing. in the end contribute to your community. volunteer for projects you care about, not only will do good but they will make you feel good and in the end you will get a chance
Jun 27, 2013 3:30pm PDT
working together. city economic development is the engine of our nation and we need to provide an environment with start ups that can flourish and if we do that, all the the grid lock in washington, our economy will grow. i would reach to everybody to remember that everybody has problems, every government has problems. when you look at america, we've had 235 years of dysfunction and it's doing well so far. maybe it comes with the territory. san francisco has shown how government can function and the citizens of san francisco and the whole region are benefit ting from it. we've had something like a 30 percent in tech growth. this is what we call the big app instead of the big apple. in the next decade the capital will continue to grow. last year it was like a hundred new york city based companies that acquired $1.8 billion. it's just the beginning. if you think about san francisco and new york, the future couldn't be brighter because tech business is where the business is where people want to go. if intellectual capital is what your business requires, i don't think you can find
Jun 24, 2013 3:30pm PDT
gem in the city. the part is rich with eucalyptus trees. long paths allow you to meander, perfect for dog walking in a wooded environment. >> i enjoy this base and the history behind it. the diversity that exists in such an urban city, the concrete, the streets, cars, we have this oasis of a natural environment. it reminds us of what san francisco initially was. >> this is a section for dogs and plenty of parking. transit is available to get you there easily. and the part is ada -- park is ada accessible. there is also a natural lake. this is your chance to stroll and let the kids run free. it also has many birds to watch. it is the place to find some solitude from the city and appreciate what you share with a wonderful breath of fresh air. , an experienced this park and enjoy the peoples, picnics, and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take a stroll with your loved one hand in hand. located in the middle of pacific heights on top of a hill, lafayette park offers a great square a of a peaceful beauty. large trees border greenery. it features tables and benches, a playground, res
Jun 27, 2013 2:30pm PDT
the city of san francisco and sfgtv meeting for the rules committee for june 27,2013 will begin shortly. >> welcome to our special rules committee meeting for thursday june 27,2013. i am supervisor norman yee and will be chairing this meeting. to my left is supervisors cohen. to my right is supervisor breed. the clerk today is linda wong. the committee would also like to acknowledge the staff at sfgtv, jessie larsen and jennifer lowell who record our meetings and make transcripts to the public online. madam clerk are there any announcements? >> yes mr. chair. please silent cell phones and. >> can you call item one. >> to amend the charter of the city for retiree health care trust fund for retiree health care cost for employer subtrust are fullied. allow for disbursement are greater than 10% and the payroll cost even if not fully funded. for the guidelines recommended by the controller with the city's governement accounting standards board actuary and by the mayor and to the retiree health care trust fund board permit by a participating employer governing board and make
Jun 27, 2013 5:00am PDT
. this is necessary for nonprofits to stay afloat and the city can afford it. we ended last year with a $300 million surplus and controller surplus this year. furthermore the mayor's budget didn't have this operations for contractual services will amount to 13.four increase from last year. an analysis we put together identifies budget savings. i will share with you some highlights. the mayor's budget includes total appropriations to the general fund reserve of $76 million. the board can reduce appropriations to budget reserves by $15 million still leaving $61 million in appropriations. in the two years ending last june the city averaged $64 million in unspent appropriations for services a supplies. the board could re-appropriate 16 of the $64 million in unspent prior year numbers and lastly by adopting moratorium on new management positions the city's general fund would realize $3.2 million in savings. with these options it shows the board has the ability to fund the 4% increase and it's the right thing to do for the city's most vulnerable populations and the nonprofits that serve them. thank
Jun 24, 2013 8:30pm PDT
memo from the city attorney on this, or to say that they were entitled to rely on the city attorneys' opinion that these were private pieces of private information that did not need to be disclosed and that may be the end of the subject. >> there is a motion on the floor but not seconded? >> no. >> no? >> pushp >> i thought that there was a motion that he was working towards? >> it was not complete. >> yes. >> then i will repeat it my motion was that the commission find that the arts commission did not comply in making its redaction did not comply with the requirements of 67.26. withouter reference to whether or not the redactions, the redacted material was properly redacted. but they did not do what 67.26 required them to do. >> i would second that motion, if you added a phrase something like appropriate notice in justification. >> you may have another second who may take the motion >> that is fine. >> i think that it would be helpful to clarify. i would like to add that. >> second. >> further discussion? >> a motion now, it puts the language... >> can you read that back to us, plea
Jun 23, 2013 9:00pm PDT
the woman's commission, i think that chief sur understands the impact of the violence in the city and the work that the district attorney has been taking lead on and also in our neighborhood in west portal, there is the neighbors making for vigilence and the human trafficking in district four has been identified of the problems and from time-to-time i think that they are suspicious behavior and i hope that the police are doing the right thing and investigating. thank you. >> thank you, we actually have time for about four more speakers so i am going to call the last four speakers here. hastings, (inaudible) glikston and john ferrill. >> >> my name is (inaudible) freeman and i live in district seven and i am happy to live in district seven and i am also a (inaudible) party of san francisco and we are interested in making sure that the taxpayers get their money's worth. and so, what i want to mention is that kind of basic over the government services, like roads, and they are not in very good shape and every town, driver, fills up their car with a gallon of however many gallons of g
Jun 23, 2013 7:30am PDT
obligation to share that with the city so that we can mine that to the rest of the city, that's advance of opportunities for everybody. i know at the heart of sharing this data, there is going to be a lot more jobs created, a lot more people out therein venting new ways to establish small businesses that will improve the way we live and work and play in the city. and we look forward to great events like a super bowl host or something like that, we're going to be able to give people a really rich amount of programs that they could access from here to santa clara to san jose. we can act regionally with our data and we can join and continue to be in the great city of san francisco. so, i want to thank all of the people, all of the different starting up companies here and those that are inventing with us, thank them for celebrating innovation month in such a exemplary way. and i think we're going to have a lot more to announce before this month is out, including on our way to the world series. thank you very much. (applause) >> now, if i may introduce our partner in crime here, bo
Jun 23, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the needs of every neighborhood in the city. and you've heard that the economy looks a lot better; there's a lot of other companies that want to move here. unemployment rate has dropped to 5.4%, we are on a good roll in terms of employing more people. resources are up. we are not completely over the deficit that we're facing with the next two years so we have to do some decision-making. the other thing that the board of supervisors is doing with as is, the reason why we hold these meetings out here is because we want to do as much preventing of arguing among ourselves about what the priorities are in the city. we do still a little bit of that. it is nice to have the import of the public to guide us so that we have less arguments and more about building consensus of what's important in the city. the other thing that we are doing together is already evidenced, is that we're making sure that job creation reaches everybody in the city so this summer we are going to create together with the departments in the private sector, 6000 paying jobs for our youth. about thatthis is how we inves
Jun 27, 2013 10:00am PDT
to be here today. there is no fiscal impact of the city. no budget analyst report. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. colleagues any questions on this? public comment is now open. >> my name is nancy trust; i want to be fully informed on the subject matter. i go to the clerks office. i understand from the vivi speaker that some public hearing was held in an office however that he say he had something in his office? a public hearing? >> supervisor cohen: this is all the comment. you can a question and i can bring up staff. >> i am trying to be informed. the audio isn't very clear. i want to know somebody said there was a hearing on this matter in this office? did he say there was? >> supervisor cohen: let's bring up staff to answer this question. >> the staff is going to answer. >> yes ma'am. the notice for public hearing is published in the san francisco chronicle on may 15th. the hearing was held may 30th. >> supervisor cohen: so would you like to speak on this item? >> i want to speak on this item but i want to speak informatively. referring what i thought i heard. i don't unde
Jun 29, 2013 3:00am PDT
windows if their windows are cracked, if their roofs are broken. so, ideally, the city would be able to know where all these neighborhood centers are and help deliver some of these supplies. >> they could come from a neighbor, maybe not. thank you so much for allowing us to come in and share this wonderful exhibit. and thank you for >> good morning. thank you. the meeting will come to order. welcome to the regular meeting other government oversight and audit committee. i am malia cohen. to my left is supervisor katy tang to my left is david campos. i would like to thank the people of sfgtv, i don't have the names in front of me. thank you for broadcasting this meeting. and clark are there any announcements? >> clerk calonsag: yes. please be sure all devices are turned off. and documents are turned into. >> i found the names, jennifer low and jesse larson. item number one. >> clerk calonsag: (reading agenda) >> are you from the department of human resources? >> i am. >> wonderful. >> this amendment simply changes one word, or to and. requiring the nurses outside of per diem
Jun 21, 2013 10:00pm PDT
of supervisors we approve the most important policy document in the city which is our annual document, the budget reflects our city's priorities and how we want to address activities or do want to engage in. i want to thank mayor lee, in 2011 when he came into the office and number of us asked him to engage more deeply in our neighborhoods and conduct town halls that solicit prospectives and feedback from all of you to us as a budget is being prepared as the budget is being proposed to our board of supervisors and is the board of supervisors considers it. let me briefly - actually i will do the agenda overview in just a second - with that i want to turn it over to my colleague supervisor mark farrell and i are blessed to not only share a border, the north south border of -- street ever-present russian hill and there are many projects that we work on together, it's been a pleasure to work with him all of these issues but i was honored to appoint him earlier this year is our budget chair for the budget committee that will be reviewing the budget when the mayor proposes it to us at the e
Jun 24, 2013 12:30pm PDT
, but to work to get more women appointed to these bodies that help make legislative decisions for our city and county of san francisco. >> i am from san francisco. i grew up in the local neighborhood. i did my under deprad wait work at fisk university, where i studied political science with a concentration in public administration and worked eight years largely in the public sector. then i earned a master's degree from carnegie melon in pittsburg, pennsylvania. i spent some time as assistant executive director for a non-profit. we did work if a lot of kids in the neighborhood. i have done fundraising for candidates and issues. i have experience with the federal reserve bank of san francisco. when i look around my neighborhood and see the changes that are happening, i so there is no neighborhood grocery store. i see that small businesses in particular are coming and going, and they haven't been able to really sustain themselves. from my work experience in working for the city in the mayor's office as well as in the non-profit, i had a good sense as to what some of the challenges were. when
Jun 24, 2013 1:00pm PDT
other part of the city. i'm just really happy that it's not what it used to be and i think it's a manageable thing. and we just have to deal with it more and add some more academy classes, but also look at programs like s.f. faith which helps people learn to take care of themselves and as neighbors. we have to make sure we're providing opportunities to the perpetrators of these crimes and making sure, of course, we're prosecuting people who are committing crimes. but more importantly, that we provide these opportunities before they get to the point where they are committing crimes. >> you mentioned the issue of homelessness as a big issue in your district. how will you deal with the folks that hang out on haight street and the issue of homelessness? >> well, i think that's a real -- it's a city-wide issue and i think part of what we have to do is work together to deal with it, just like public safety. it's a work in progress. it's not something that you fix and you move on. it's something that you continue to work with. i mean, san francisco is an attractive place to people in
Jun 23, 2013 6:30am PDT
francisco. >> thank you, thank you joaquin, thank you, welcome to our orange city hall. i want to welcome everybody here this fourthth animal america arab month of separation and it's my pleasure to join us here and many of us know that we are such a lucky city, and we are lucky because people around their world make their way to fraction, find hopey until the city they know that we celebrate our diversity and find strength in the different cultures that pretend together and now, i ask you also to bring me talent from the arab america communities to make me and help me lune run the city. yes, it's incredible. union, i think i can talk about how wonderful diversity is, but we have to get the talent from our communities to represent all of the different thing that we do in the city. and you know, tonight, even though there is something called a baseball game out there, but these wonderful events that we have in the city whether it's america's cup whether it's fleet week, whether it's the 49ers playing or the giants playing, even eventually when we land the superbowl it all board of truste
Jun 22, 2013 8:30am PDT
that the city's finding control is correct really to implement the budget that we have help you and the mayor produce. we then have is a significant portion that involves reviewing the city's performance of that budget with their abrasions with the goal of uncomfortable performance and that is incorporated into the budgets. it's a really reflected fundamentally in the allocation of our resources so we have a $44.34 million budget. about 13.5 million is paid for by the general fund. the balance is allocated to the city departments given their use of our services. we have approximately 4 hundred and 18 ftes up moderately from the prior year. as you can see our budget a allocated 50/50. the two pieces on the left are promly will audits and economic analysis budget projection and forward-looking performance reviews. and is right side of the pieces accounting operation financial systems and pay role where we are operationizing the budgets procures paying vendor and running our payroll and human resources system we're proud to have turned open this year some of the highlights really it's heavily fo
Jun 23, 2013 7:00am PDT
with any of the parks here in the city are, this app is a perfect accessory. so we're basically zooming in on the map right now. you can see the clustering 2 12 parks. as you get closer in, it lets you know where you're at. i'll zoom in on a park. you can see many different parks here. if you go to dolores, we'll start to see all of the facilities that they have available. looks like there's a tennis court, a dog play area, some children's park play areas. and if you actually go into one of the children's play area maybe, you can see some details about it. any news about each of the parks is going to be referenced here through a feed. ability to donate to the rec and park. let's say a ballfield, you'd be getting ballfield information. if there's close out based on rain. and you can do some filtering, spot-check the filtering real quick. this is what's near right now. filter, we've got, i don't know, what is it, over 10 categories, maybe closer to 20. and basically anything you're looking for, you can turn on right here. for me, i'm a dog owner. maybe i want to take the kids as well. and
Jun 23, 2013 9:00pm PDT
are vitality. vital. we put our hearts and souls into our jobs. we save the city a lot of money by caring for the poor and disadvantaged which is way cheaper in an institutional setting. we've absorbed clients who are often discharged from the hospital early. there's no doubt that our job is challenging and it's only fair we be compensated for the work we do. although we got 2 percent last year but that's not enough. we also work straight 5 years without one single raise. although i don't have children i work with a lot of coworkers who pay 6 homicide dollars a month and 1 thousand for two or more a month. i - . thank you (clapping) >> good afternoon supervisors and good afternoon to my colleagues. okay. on on behalf of my union as i can see we're all wearing purple. is we're concerned with something 7 .9 is a big amount of money and you guys will see to where this money goes. we have to be part of it, too. every penny of it will be counted too. we work so hard and your economy is going up yet saucer salaries are also the same. we want to be separate and one because we've been part of i
Jun 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
'm not asking for money. i am asking you to cut. i am amazed at how many cars are provided to city workers. how much are we paying for this fleet of cars, gasoline, maintenance andinsurance? most city employees use their cars, that cut that ridiculous expense and say the money and provide more meaningful programs. thank you. (applause) >> (speaking a foreign language) >> good morning everyone, my name is -- i am a homecare worker. i am a representative for uhw committee representing 500 homecare workers in district 2 and 3. >> (speaking a foreign language) >> i'm taking care of the 80 or so seniors right now -- and i have been taking care of her for five years, and the wages is the same. and i hope mayor lee and supervisors in support our services and here, now, i have collected petitions from all the homeworkers in district 2 and 3; i would like to hand out to our mayor, this is our collective voice. i hope mayor lee and supervises can support us and raise our wages, thank you. we would like to hand our petitions to our mayor. (applause) >> thank you very much. so we have one final batch
Jun 28, 2013 3:00am PDT
for the city of san francisco. i'm mohammed, from the dpw. you think of places that are inviting, welcoming, spacious, contemporary, while maintaining it's heritage. you think of easy access for visitors to enjoy themselves and make plans to come back again. fisherman's wharf is a world class destination spot. today it is even better. there have been lots of hands-on this project, many many hours and meetings to put together. besides the strategies for making it work here, creating an updated top notch public space. these improvement were driven by the fisherman's wharf community. without the support of all the businesses here, we wouldn't be standing here today. today we have the opportunity to recognize the individuals and groups who played a part and then we'll officially reopen this beautiful vibrant new corridor. now, i would like to introduce our first speaker. you know, our mayor has earned a reputation as a leader who brings people together and gets things done. as a former city administrator, he gets it. all the city infrastructure is paramount in creating jobs. our mayor is a grea
Jun 29, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. this city is successful so that when you come back to your studies you are ready to go. >> the principal, and thank you so much for inviting me, and the faculty, and the staff, and the administrators, school board members, and of course, the students, families and friends. >> i would like to begin my remarks by sending my sincerist condolences to the family of (inaudible) chan was happened was a terrible waste and calls us to action to do better and we will do better. we will make that street safe for everybody. >> and i know that (inaudible) was a beloved member of your community and was in our thoughts today even as we celebrate your achievements. and i would also like to take the opportunity to recognize five phenomenal lowell high school staff members who are retiring today. they have helped shape your high school careers. dr. ray hill, lowell science teacher for 17 years, congratulations dr. hill. tony, mona, math teacher for 41 years. >> wow. >> i have to say tony that i love my math teacher. vanessa guest, an english teacher for 13 years. cynthia mitchell, secretary for 39 years.
Jun 22, 2013 1:30pm PDT
>> the city of san jose a is striving to be an environmental leader. we will is hoe -- show you ways to improve the environmental. and what can happen if we don't find solutions to issues we are facing today. >> you're watching equal time exploreering new issues each week giving equal points of view. i'm your host journalism school director bob rucker. what's it mean to go green. here's a student who strives to be a living example of environmental consciousness and speaks to the mayor who is spear heading the city's green initiative. the bay area -- from family members to service groups -- environmental issues are deeply root. >>> i'm really addicted to lime green products. i got this as a gift from a friend. recycled material. >> she is a student at san jose a city college -- an english major. >> when i ask someone do you want to help me recycle something their initial reaction is -- you want me to recycle bottles -- no -- you can plant a gaden, you can stop cutting trees. you can do a lot of things to be green. >> the jnv8mb2├▒generation of yo adults have grown up appreciating
Jun 25, 2013 1:00pm PDT
it's really about is when munis is working well, munis is such and important part of the city's economy that all city of san francisco benefits. all of the people who ride these buses are really benefitting everybody because they are not out on their own vehicles in the road causing pollution and congestion. they are getting around san francisco in the cleanest way possible and really contributing to what makes the economy strong. we are super excited about these vehicles for us and for our operators and mechanics and they are really a great benefit for all san francisco. i want to acknowledge some people. i have been a member of my board of directors, my bosses, chairman to director jerry lee, ramos, i don't know if anybody else is here. mohammed the director of public works and we are going to hear a little bit about how these buses are part of the public space. just like these are clean, we want to keep these clean. the buses here from input, from our operators, transit workers union local 258. the san francisco transit riders union. the mta advisory committee. a lot of fo
Jun 24, 2013 6:30am PDT
systems are actually paying for it. narrator: cities and municipalities across the united states are now facing this funding gap, between projected revenue and projected expenses, as they strive to maintain water quality and meet demand. new york is the most densely populated city in the u.s. and over 40 million tourists visit the city every year. the 1.3 billion gallons of water required every day are delivered by a system of extraordinary scale and complex engineering. man: water is essential to the economic viability of new york city. reliable infrastructure and reliable delivery of water is a must. you have to reinvest in the infrastructure every single minute to keep it current. hurwitz: we have the stock exchange, we have the united nations -- failure can have a dramatic impact on the nation, and even internationally. so there's a really keen awareness that you always have to be fixing the system. things corrode, they rust. they get to where you turn them on and nothing happens. but it is so totally used in every nook and cranny, that making any accommodation to shut it down, to do
Jun 27, 2013 10:30am PDT
of television and radio artists. while the film rebate program is helpful i think the city needs to take the next step. i urge you and the board of supervisors to amend the scene in san francisco rebate program. production brings good jobs and enhance the san francisco as a tourist destination. thank you. >> hello my name is joel alora (sounds like) a summer associate at the law office of -- which focuses on independent production. i do want to reiterate what everybody said but we want to voice our support for this legislation. we hope that you will support it as well. thank you. >> good morning my name is joanne desmond, i am assistant business agent with local 16, the stagehands union here in san francisco. i would like to echo the sentiments of everyone in support of this. i just got rough figures for you this morning from our office. from 2010 to the middle of 2013, half year, the film production has accounted for over 22 million dollars in direct wages to our members with an additional 14% going to health and welfare benefits and an additional 7% going to members' pension funds s
Jun 23, 2013 8:00am PDT
compares and what are some of the other cities that are doing really well in terms of open data? >> i should be clear. when san francisco is third, we have a pact. i'll add to that actually. what's great in san francisco is there is not just going to be a chief data officer. there is also the office of civic innovation. jay's team, shannon's team. by having both of those units in place i think there is going to be a really powerful team. because you can't just open up the data. you have to do things like this, where you get the community together or you have people actually talking about it because the demand side, as we were talking about it, will be there because there is going to be someone there. there have to be people working with it who are getting out there. i think this is what this city is going to be really powerful. in terms of other cities doing as well, chicago is doing some really interesting stuff. scary cool stuff. they're taking 3 in 1 data, pothole request and crime report and matching it up with social media. they're getting this really deep and rich picture of wha
Jun 23, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. this program provides the critical access point for the city's marginalized people who have been disconnected and face violence in their homes and schools and communities. each year 200 youth access this program and it's their first entry point to housing and jobs and importantly to friends. without support from the board of supervisors for this youth programming this program will not be able to continue. i encourage you to listen to the voices of the young people today. there are a generation of leaders. we are incredibly proud of them and they can tell their story why programs like this are important. >> hello board of supervisors i am ferdinand and i identify as a young laila teeno and talk about the importance of why lyric should stay funded. the first time i got there was july 2011 and the first time i went into a community building space and i felt safe and not get attacked for who i was or my identity, so when i started off i kept going to the community building groups and became an intern and now a queer educator and i facilitate one of the groups and from the first day i went th
Jun 24, 2013 7:30pm PDT
regulation was responded do not allow us to name a agency, we have to name an individual, as a city officer or a employee to write down the complaint. and just to have committed the violation. and she was the complainant, and she was the only one named in the complaint and the staff has not permitted to us when they were not in the department head and the investigation, and he may or may not have the responsibility and if it requires, and that is something that she will consider as of now, and it says that it has to be a person is not an agency. >> and with that said, would you, because there are three different kinds of violations that are in here. and like miss patterson talked about the fact that she missed a particular deadline and i think that covers that and i want to hear about the internal discussion that was had that ultimately led to the alleged allegations of two and three, like what conversations were had and were these and was the determination, and was the conversation between miss patterson and the city attorney's office was the department head a part of that meeting. >> than
Jun 25, 2013 4:30am PDT
the same conclusion. and it is continues to be the advice of the city attorney that is an effective practice. >> we would like to hear from the complainant? mr. ray hartz. >> i assume that i have ten minutes. >> ray hartz san francisco open government what changed from the time that this was heard back in february? for the benefit of the commissioner who was not here, this is what we are talking about, section 67.16 of the minutes and any person speaking during a public period may supply a brief written summaris for their common, 150 words and shall be included in the minutes. and i would ask each of you especially those of you who are attorneys if we were in superior court under oath and someone says what does in the minutes mean to you? what does it mean to you. >> the city attorney seems to think that it means all of this stuff, the summy is not part of the body of the minutes or, and it may state oso. >> it may be included as a attachment and they may reject the summary if it exceeds the word limit or is not an active summary of the speaker's comments. this has never been a choi
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